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To download the Reserva Connection Manager, please follow the link below:

Reserva Connection Manager and Updates




Install and Admin guide (.pdf)

Reserva Room Sign User Guide (.pdf)

Reserva Connection Manager

This application must be installed on a network PC or Server. This host should be ‘always on’ to ensure Reserva Room Signs remain operational.

The following OS are supported:

Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit).

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (32-bit and 64-bit versions).

Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (32-bit and 64-bit versions)

Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit versions)

PC or Server requirements:

1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor (2 GHz or faster is recommended)
1 GB RAM (2 GB or more is strongly recommended)
1 GB available hard disk space
A permanent network connection

Hosting the application within VMWare Workstation version 10 is also supported.


Calendar/ Timetable Support

The following versions are support by Reserva:

Microsoft Exchange 2010, 2013 & 2016

Microsoft Office 365

Scientia Syllabus Plus* Enterprise Reporting Database via XML Presentation Layer

CELCAT* TimeTabler AutoCal 7.8 module

Micros Opera* Sales and Catering Full or Express editions

  • From v4, up to and including v5.0.3
  • Micros Opera Readerboard export feature

Google Calendar

G Suite (Formerly Google Apps for Business)

NFS Technology Group Rendezvous Workspace

NFS Technology Group* Rendezvous Events

*v5.2.4 with API required for interactive features

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a connection

A. A connection is created in Reserva Connection Manager and connects to the calendar/timetable system, defines the configuration of room signs and allows room signs to read and write content into specific room calendars.


Q. How many room signs can I have?

A. Reserva Connection Manager supports up to 800 room signs configured using 4 connections of 200 rooms. Additional scalability can be achieve by running and additional host (virtual or physical) running another instance of Reserva Connection Manager


Q. How many rooms can I add to a connection?

A. We recommend no more than 50 however a maximum of 200 rooms can be managed using a single connection in Reserva Connection Manager


Q. How can I add my logo to Reserva Room Signage?

A. Open Reserva Connection Manager. Navigate to ‘Manage > Media’. Select the media type you wish to customize Room Summary or Outside Room. From this interface you can choose background style, upload a custom logo and select the translation(s) you wish to use on screen.


Q. What screen sizes are available?

A. Reserva is available in 7, 10.1, and 15.6″ screen sizes. These can be installed portrait or landscape.


Q. Can I use Reserva Room Signage with more than one calendar/ timetable?

A. Yes, simply create a connection for each system you wish to connect to


Q. What do I need to install the Reserva Wayfinding/ Summary Content?

A. You will need:

  • A ONELAN Net-Top-Box (NTB)
  • A licence installed on each NTB
  • A connection in Reserva Connection Manager which include the rooms you want to display
  • The media must be added to a playlist and connected to the Reserva Connection Manager using the simple step-by- step configuration tool.


Q. How do I install a Reserva Summary Content Licence?

A. Login to your Net-Top-Box (NTB) and navigate to Setup > System > Licencing. Click on ‘Add Licence’. Copy the text licence in its entirety into the text box and click ‘Add’


Q. How do I install Reserva Summary Content on to my NTB.

A. Login to your NTB and navigate to Layouts > Layout Packages. Click ‘chose file’ and locate the layout package, then click ‘upload’ followed by ‘install’.


Q. When configuring Reserva Summary Content via the index.html link the settings are not saved correctly?

A. Please configure the Reserva Summary Content via Google Chrome Browser.


Q. Why do private appointments appear on screen with details of the meeting and it’s organizer?

A. To ensure private meetings are respected on your Reserva Room Signage please ensure that the ‘RemovePrivateProperty’ parameter for the room is set to $false in your Exchange server. For more information on how to do this refer to this Microsoft article (see section 6).


Q. My Reserva Room Signs only show the organizers name and not the subject of meetings, how do I correct this?

A. This is standard behaviour in Office 365 however it can also be override by following the instructions in this article.


Q. The time on my Reserva display is drifting, why is this and how can it be prevented?

A. The time setting is kept accurate by regularly checking against a cloud based NTP serverin order to ensure that this is successful the Reserva display should have internet access via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.


Q. The time and date are not correctly set, how can I adjust this?

A. Enter the admin menu (tap 5 times over the clock) and enter your access code. From this menu please select ‘Support and Maintenance Menu’ followed by show settings. Here you will find the option to modify the time and date. We recommend that ‘Automatic date and time’ is enabled and the time zone is manually set according to the location.


Q. The Room Finder in Reserva Connection Manager does not return any rooms?

A. Please ensure that rooms have been added to a room list so that the Room Finder is able to discover the rooms. For more information please refer to this Microsoft article.


Q. How do I update a Reserva Room Sign using a USB key?

A. Download the latest ‘Reserva Room Sign update for USB upload’, unzip the file and add the ‘channel’ folder to a usb key. Put the USB key into the Reserva Room Sign and access the admin menu by tapping 5 times over the clock and entering your access code. From this menu select ‘Subscribe from USB’ followed by ‘Restore channel from USB’. Once complete click done and re-launch the player.


Q. How should I configure Exchange/ Office 365 for Reserva room signage?

A. Please follow the guidance below when configuring Exchange/Office 365 calendars for Reserva

  • Room Resource accounts created for each room to be managed by Reserva
    • Name should match what should be shown on the Reserva Room Sign
  • A Service account should be created in Exchange/Office 365 with ‘FullAccess’ to the room resource accounts
  • Room Resources must be added to a room list which is available to the service account
  • Room Resources to have the following configurations:
    • -RemovePrivateProperty $false
    • -AddOrganizerToSubject $false
    • -DeleteSubject $false
    • -AllBookInPolicy $true


Q. Why should I use Reserva analytics?

A. Reserva Analytics allows organisations to:

  • Validate subjective feedback
  • Improve workspace utilisation and ROI
  • Plan long term workplace strategies
  • Understand performance/reliability of meeting room facilities


Q. What can Reserva Analytics tell me?

A. A range of chart and graphs are presented in 3 main categories; User Behaviour, Room Utilisation and Resource Faults. Key metrics include:

  • Who is booking rooms most often?
  • Who is responsible booked meetings which are not attended?
  • Which are the most and least popular rooms?
  • Across the working day, what are the busier/quieter times?
  • Which resources are most frequently reported as fault from Reserva?


Q. How does Reserva Analytics work?

A. Reserva Analytics is a service deployed as part of the Reserva Connection Manager application. Data is continually recorded and made accessible from a simple and easy to use web browser dashboard


Q. How do I navigate the Reserva analytics dashboard?

A. The Reserva Analytics dashboard can be filtered by a range of pre-set date ranges, or by a custom date range. The room filter allows one or more rooms to be viewed while the group filter allows users to group rooms into a hierarchical structure e.g. country, city, building and floor. These are all defined in the update Rooms and resources management UI in Reserva Connection Manager.
Tags may also be applied to rooms or groups and then used to filter the dashboard. Tags are ideal for identifying other characteristics about rooms e.g. VC rooms, teaching spaces, training rooms, huddle spaces or what booking system they are managed by etc.


Q. Why do I have charts/ tables with no data?

A. Some charts are dependent upon certain features being enable on the Reserva room sign e.g. No show by organiser will only be populated if ‘Appointments must be confirmed’ is enabled in Reserva Connection Manager. Data presented on the ‘Resource Faults’ will only be populated if fault reporting is enabled in Reserva Connection Manager. Data will also only be visible from when Reserva Analytics was licenced and enabled.


Q. I have old Reserva room signs, will these work with Reserva Analytics?

A. Of course, Reserva Analytics works with any Reserva room sign.


.Q. Can I use Reserva Analytics without a Reserva room sign?

A. Yes, but some charts and tables will not be populated. Most charts in ‘Room Utilisation’ are accessible without a room sign however other charts/ tables are only available when a Reserva room sign is installed.


Q. How do I buy Reserva Analytics?

A. Reserva Analytics is available as an annual subscription based on the number of resources connected. Orders should be raised with your local ONELAN reseller/system integrator. In order to get a licence for Reserva Analytics you will need to supply an activation code along with your order which can be generated from the Reserva Connection Manager > Manage > Licensing menu.
If you have already purchased Reserva analytics and want to add more rooms, we recommend using a co-terminated approach so that all renewals occur at the same time. Your local ONELAN reseller/ system integrator will be able to quote you for adding more resources with a consistent expiry date to your existing licences.


Q. I can see two rooms with the same name in Reserva Analytics

Default behaviour is for rooms names to be take ‘as is’ from the 3rd party booking system. It is possible for rooms to have identical names, especially if Reserva is connecting to more than one booking system. In order to avoid this issue, it is recommended that you use the ‘Alias’ feature in the Rooms and Resources Manager interface to ensure all room have unique names


For support please contact:

Support Line : +44(0)1491 877713