Reserva Range

Meeting Room Signage

Clear display of availability / busy room status at a glance

Interactive room signs dynamically linked to your calendar/timetabling system.
Reserva room signs clearly show the current status of a meeting room along with a summary of information about current and upcoming meetings. Meetings can easily be booked, extended/shortened and cancelled from the interactive touchscreen. Check in functionality also helps manage ‘no show’ and improve workspace utilisation.


Help staff and guests easily find meetings with our wayfinding and meeting summary content.

Show information about meetings in a range rooms all in one space
The Reserva Summary Screen/ Way finder is free to use content which shows a list of upcoming meetings across a range of meeting rooms. This content is ideally suited to reception areas of beside lifts to allow staff and guests to quickly and easily find the location of their meeting. This content can be displayed full screen or in a multi-zone layout on any ONELAN NTB or interactive Reserva screen.

Usage Analytics

Coming soon

Reserva is growing! Check back later to find out more about our usage analytics platform and how it can give you actionable insights on workspace utilisation.

Hot Desk Booking

Coming soon

Reserva is growing! Check back later to find out more about our plans for compact digital signs ideal for signposting hot desks.


Make your room signage your own with our customisation services. This includes the ability to add your organisation’s branding to the content and to chose an appropriate background style.

Digital Signage

Reserva Room Signs can be used to show other content alongside the meeting room information. This can include employee communications, brand reinforcement or advertisement.

Range of Screen Sizes

Pick the room sign to match your space, whether that’s a small 7″ display for a huddle area or a 15.6″ screen for a large auditorium. Reserva Room Signage is available in 7, 10.1, 15.6.

Easy Install and Management

With Power over Ethernet (POE) support Reserva is easy to install*. The Reserva Connection Manager application is quick to setup, can integrate with multiple calendar systems at one time and provides centralised control over the configuration of your room signage.

*POE only on selected models

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